Best Latex Clothing in Second Life

Second Life

Red Devil Inc, are an in-world store on Second Life (or SL).   For those unfamiliar with SL, it is a virtual world that has been created by Linden Labs.  Over the space of nearly 10 years, the users themselves have made the world their own.

Just like Real Life, SL offers everything from jobs; families to running a business.  It is literally what it says on the tin, a Second Life.  Call it escapism or call it living in a world you dream of; SL offers so much to so many different people.

So where does Red Devil Inc fit into this virtual world?  Well for many, it is a place to enjoy the lifestyle that others believe is ‘not right’.  Offering affordable latex clothing to the vast SL fetish scene, it also provides opportunities for some to work for them in-world.  They also host their own parties and also sponsor others, with one Roissy Residential RP on Monday 1pm (SLT).

Keep an eye out for future events, which will be coming to Red Devil Inc soon.


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