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Twisted Krissmuss Shopping Tour – Red Devil Inc

I have managed to get a few more details about this shopping event.  I am not familiar with Twisted, but speaking to my friend JJ; she tells me the hunts are huge.  With over 40 vendors offering items with transfer rights, this is one that will keep you occupied for a few days buying holiday gifts.

Red Devil Inc are luckily part of this, which is always a bonus for our customers.  With Lucky Chairs, Midnight Madness boards and free outfits; adding a shopping tour is just like spoiling you all.  So would you like to see what is on offer?

Inamorata (Baby Pink)

Well I can’t tell you what colour it will be, Noise Mistress is keeping quiet on that part. However, it is called Inamorata and I was lucky enough to be given one to wear the outfit at The Chateau tonight.

The pack comes with a male and female version, with three different layer styles.  I believe there is supposed to be a ‘male’ bulge, like the Dog Fight outfit; but I couldn’t see it in the box.  Possibly because this is the Baby Pink version, not many men would wear it.  Anyway, here are the three layer styles – Covered, Nipples (Showing) and Open Front.

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