Best Latex Clothing in Second Life

Valentine (Lola Applier)

As mentioned yesterday, Red Devil Inc are now doing outfits for Lola’s.  Wanting to give you wonderful readers a glimpse, I purchased the Valentine outfit.

I will admit, that it took a little while; to get the Lola’s to match a skin.   This doesn’t matter so much with clothing on, but if your planning nudity; I would advise taking the time.

Anyway, to the outfit.  I had a choice of about 4 outfits, Red Devil Inc make for Lola’s.  The Valentine one, was chosen to show best; how the various parts work.

This is the basic bra, that comes with the Lola’s.  The hair I changed, so you could see that I haven’t quite matched the skin and Lola’s.  That won’t matter so much in a moment.

There, the focus now should be the lovely shiny Red Devil Inc outfit.  Just to prove that wearing clothing won’t matter to a closely matched skin.

The neat thing about the Applier, is that it is a layer over the implants.  So to notice the misalignment around the neck.  Moving the implants, will correct that in no time.  My boobs don’t look that big…….do they?

I have to admit, even though I am not a fan of the implants scene; both the Lola’s and Red Devil are great products.  Why not come to the party at the Rubber Room tomorrow night, you might even find yourself posted on the Latex Wall of Fame.


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