Best Latex Clothing in Second Life

The Game is Afoot…..

Well the hunt is officially started and today I took the plunge into finding those pesky rodents.  With Red Devil Inc awash in Rats, it was going to be hard work.

Here I am ready for the fight, gathering my courage to enter the lions…..or rats den in this case.

Red Devil is vast, with three floors; so there is a lot of places for those rats to hide.   Thankfully I am a skilled hunter, otherwise I would be lost already.

Moving into the lair further, I came across my first rat; quickly nabbing it and putting it in my bag.

I bet you thought I would reveal where it was, not likely; you have to hunt for it just like I did.  Now, no cheating and using the Search Area; Miss Deme works hard to give you these things.  So the least you could do is appreciate the effort put into it.  So on with the hunt.

I entered with trepidation, not sure what I would find in this room.  Searching carefully, let I be started by one of the beasties; I managed to creep up on another one.

Before I could capture it on camera, the fiend got away.  Though not before I claimed my prize.  Excited now, I moved on deeper into the dark domain of the rats.

In the maze like corridors, I seem to have been turned around; appearing back at the club.  I wonder, if there was one in here?  I ponder only briefly before turning around, I headed back into the maze of rooms.

Showers, with access to the sewers; surely there had to be a rat here some place?  I just needed to hunt it down, this time I would get it on camera.

Oh bother, I dropped the camera; just as I spotted the rat.   Now I can’t remember where I spotted it.  Oh well I can always go back, perhaps he ran into another room.  It was growing dark, light fading enough to make it dangerous to be hunting the rodents at night.  Reluctantly I returned to the surface, meeting a fellow hunter; willing to brave the dangers.   They were already sporting one of their prizes, wearing the Red Devil Inc – Talena (black).



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