Best Latex Clothing in Second Life

The Dungeon Rat Hunt Hints

  • HINT: “I can see your Heart’s Desire from here” Wink
  • HINT: “Now, If i could just get this latex on I’d be Super Rat Model Extreme!”
  • HINT: “Coming Soon” To a store near you!
  • HINT: “HEY look at me look at me look at meee……… Sheer-ly they can see me! Right?” 😦
  • HINT: This naughty Lil rat likes to watch the sexy ladies dance from his perfect position.
  • HINT: This naughty Lil rat was a bad boy.
  • HINT: “I wouldn’t go in the cellar if i were you, there’s a monster inside.
  • HINT: “ME TOO!”

Just one day into the hunt and it seems to be a hit! Thank you all for checking things out and letting me know they are running smoothly. I plan to add new items and new hints as they change from time to time to keep it fresh. I hope you all enjoy the gifts we give and all that we ask in return is to spill the word about us. In these tough times it’s important to stand up for something you want to stick around and we sure hope you want us to! I see great new things coming our way and want you all to be a big part of that as you already have been!

Love and best wishes,

Dementia Razor & Pazazu Morgath


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