Best Latex Clothing in Second Life

Rat Hunt Pt 2

I have to say a big thanks to Miss Deme, for posting up the hints.  If you haven’t tried the hunt yet, head over to Red Devil Inc now; to get some great RDI clothing.  I have to admit, that I was getting stumped finding the last four pesky rats.  With my knowledge of the great items at Red Devil, plus my friend Miss Beldara helping; I caught them all.

Here is The Cyber Male outfits, modelled by my alter ego – Tim Dragonfire

I’ve always been a fan of red and black, so this one is staying in my inventory; even though it is for Males.  Now this wasn’t the intended colour, so if your quick enough and lucky enough; you could choose which colour you prefer.

Not to be outdone though, here is another of the prizes; Animal Instincts (Neon Green).

Irrespective of the colour you choose, the animal print tattoo layer for me; is what makes this outfit special.

Having found all the rats, I decided to take a well earned break; thankfully the Great King Rat; was very obliging to my seating needs.

I’m wearing the Dread (Blue) here, which wasn’t part of the hunt; but it still a great sleeveless catsuit.


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