Best Latex Clothing in Second Life


Starting this month we are featuring our cast of models. Each month will be chosen a member of our cast for a short interview and photos, so that our readers know more about the family Red Devil Inc.
The March’s model is BixxieBubbalicious. Below a little more of that sweet girl!

How long have you been in SL?

Ive been an SL resident since October so I’m Almost 5 months old hehe.

Tell us about yourself, why do you like to work as a model for Red Devil Inc?

I love working at Red Devil because the Bosses are amazing, the co-workers are soo much fun, and I get to meet new and different people from all over when they come in to see the amazing clothes! On the plus side we get payed with some amazing outfits as well 😉

Why are you interested in Latex and modeling it?

Im interested in it because its just so much fun to wear! Not to mention the looks you get from a guy or lady who sees you in it. I love modeling in latex because its so shiny and shows just the right amount of skin. And you can be super cute and sexy in it. You have tons of options with latex.

What did you do before you worked for Red Devil Inc and what attracted you to work here?

Before I worked at Red Devil I was a total newbie, searching stores for freebies and making some friends though most didnt stick. I was brought to Red Devil thanks to a friend of mine who also works here, and I fell head over heels for all the outfits! I was intrigued that work here would be pretty easy for me being an outgoing and chatty person and thought it’d be fun to meet and greet with my friend by my side.

What languages do you speak?

Oooh Well I speak english as my second language but I also know spanish. I was raised by my Mexcan family speaking nothing but spanish and had to learn english in school lol.

What are your likes and dislikes, other than Latex of course?

Well I like a lot of things mainly books to be honest, I can stick my nose in a book and be dead to the world till I finish it lol. But I also love music of all kinds as long as they have a good rhythm and/or lyrics. I like meeting new people obviously and helping people when they need it.
For what I don’t like thats a lot harder for me though the top thing would have to be judgmental people. If you see someone you shouldn’t judge till you get to know them, it might surprise you.

Anything else you’d like the readers to know about you?

Hmmm well Im a very cheery person, though I can get pretty shy also, if you see me walking by don’t hesitate to say hello and you will most likely get a hiya and a smile from me!


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